Lions, and Tigers, and Furs… Oh My!

I call it the ‘snow queen effect’ when a girl walks into a bustling room, and the crowd turns to her and looks with hungry eyes. It’s the fur they are staring at, the beautiful and barbaric fur. Automatically, she has about thirty points on you because she has the sheer guts to wear it. There’s a general sense of royalty with fur, and as long as you smile and wear it correctly your night simply can not go wrong.

Once you’ve conquered your fur fear, I will introduce you the essential fur pieces.  The cropped vest is my personal favorite, perfect for pairing over a tunic style silk blouse or wearing over an old closet find like a sweater dress, lightweight long sleeve or the classic wrap dress. Other fur options include the evening jacket, casual hoodie, or any outerwear piece trimmed with fur. As for colors, go with your first animal instinct; I’m a multi-colored fur girl… mostly because I would love to think a purple-blue-tan animal exists. As ‘Fall Back’ hits us Sunday, and the daylight becomes shorter I encourage you to cozy up with a little fur.

Here are some of the Crush favorites:


Girls Night Out! Lauren Pairs a black 525 America vest with an Amanda Uprichard Blouse.

Cranberry Wool Jacket with Fur Trim by Ella Moss, Available at our Newbury Street store.

Multi- Colored fur by 525 America, available at both store locations.

Brianne looking Regal for a day at the shop with her sweater & Frye's

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