Get to know us! Meet Madeleine Coleman.

There’s only so many of us here at Crush Boutique, some undergrads, some officially off the market, and some in-betweeners if you will. Whether platinum blonde, or an avid follower of the Timberfakes, we are here to help. Each one of us has a unique style, from body-con dresses to boyfriend tee’s we all create everyday looks with our pieces here at Crush. So, come on in and get to know us better.

Meet Madeleine Coleman.

1. Big Mac or Whoppers?

Neither. In-N-Out double double

2. Angelina or Jennifer?


3. What is your favorite look for the Spring?

Mismatched prints, I recently rocked some nautical stripes and animal print it went pretty well.

4.Who is your ultimate style-icon ?

Sienna Miller/Edie Sedgwick/ Jessica Stein/Cher from Clueless, a hybrid creature

5. What is your favorite piece in the store RIGHT now?

Greylin chevron print pants

Well, there you have it. A little platinum blonde, with a precious dog named Stanley. ¬†You can find Maddie at both stores, usually in Yumi Kim, and describing pieces as ‘billowy.’

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